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E.H.O.C. are involved in many diverse programmes and work streams. These projects are generally described as Task Groups. The various project outputs are available below;
Helicopter Operations Monitoring Programme (HOMP).Civil Aviation Authority - HOMP Final Report CAA Contract No. 041/SRG/R&AD/1
EHOC EHEST Participation..........................At our 2007 AGM in Budapest it was agreed that EHOCs participation in EHEST would be analysed by the Council. Having done so, the Secretary has attended two EHEST meetings in Cologne and the Council agrees that EHOC should support EHEST as best possible. To this end the Secretary is EHOCs recognised representative at EHEST meetings. The Council has also approved that his name is put forward as Co-chair for EHEST which will be decided by EHEST Members votes in April 2008. The other nominees for this position are J-P Dedieu of Eurocopter and J Vincent, EASA.
EHOC EHEST PARTICIPATION..........................The EHOC Secretary is a joint co-chair of EHEST - the European Helicopter Safety Team along with John Vincent, EASA, and Jean-Pierre Dedieu, representing Eurocopter.EHEST meets 3-4 times each year and is supported by EHSAT - the Safety Analysis Team and EHSIT - the Safety Implementation Team. A list of participating organisations, schedule of meetings and relevant material and publications can be read on the EHEST website hosted by EASA.
EASA Public Website Access........................Access to the following sites can be gained as follows: ESSI:http://www.easa.europa.eu/essi/index.html EHEST:http://easa.europa.eu/essi/ehestEN.html EHSAT:www.easa.europa.eu/essi/EHSAT2.html Details on how to access the private EASA website can be found in the Bulletins section in the Members Area of our website.
IHST/EHEST UPDATE.................................EHEST whose co-chairs are John Black - EHOC, Gilles Bruniaux - Airbus Helicopters and John Vincent - EASA are the coordinating arm of the EHSAT (Analysis Team) and EHSIT (Implementation Team)and also an important and strong member of IHST, the International Helicopter Safety Team with placed on the IHST Executive Committee.
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