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The name of the Committee shall be the "European Helicopter Operators Committee" (EHOC). The Committee shall consist of the Chief Executive of all member companies.

Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once a year, and at other times at the request of at least one-third of the members. All proceedings and correspondence of the Committee shall be in English.

The attendance of two-thirds of the members shall be required to constitute a quorum for the meetings of the Committee.


The objectives of the EHOC shall be limited to :

  • Encourage the exchange, between members, of safety, technical and operational information, materials and data of mutual interest.
  • Discuss and formulate positions with respect to regulatory authorities and manufacturers and to ensure that effective representation is achieved within the European Helicopter Association.
  • Provide an annual forum for the most senior representatives from the helicopter operators, manufacturers, OGP members and regulators to discuss significant issues of concern to the offshore helicopter industry.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and philosophies on the management of safety.
  • Promote the acceptability and reputation of helicopters in offshore and public transport roles with a view to extending the market for helicopter usage.


Unless otherwise agreed by the voting members of the Committee, the following memberships will be available:

Class 1 - Full membership

  1. Full membership may be awarded to companies which operate to EASA Ops with an Offshore Approval / EASA Part M/ 145 standards, a fleet of EASA/FAR part 27/29 certificated, multi-engined helicopters used on public transport IFR operations and with legal European entity.

    Where a Group of Companies has a majority ownership in several European operators (legal entities), only one will be admitted as a Full Membership company.

  2. In view of its valued contribution to EHOC over many years Shell Aircraft Limited will continue to remain a full Class 1 Member until 20 September 2019. At that time, the voting members of the Committee will, if Shell wishes to remain a member, vote on a possible 10 year extension to such membership. The position will be reviewed each 10 years thereafter.

Class 2 - Associate membership

Associate Membership may be awarded to companies which comply with offshore IFR operations to either EASA Ops with an Offshore Approval/ EASA Part M/ 145 / FAR Part 135 or equivalent standards and operate certificated aircraft to EASA/FAR part 27/29, and with legal entity outside Europe, or to operators with legal entity inside Europe, complying with the above requirements and owned by a Class 1 Membership company.

Class 3C - Management & Support Organization (MSO) - Corporate

MSO Corporate Membership may be awarded to companies situated inside or outside Europe provided that company has parentship for one or more Class 1 Full Membership company/ies. Only one MSO Corporate Membership will be awarded within a Group of companies.

Class 3R - Management & Support Organization (MSO) - Regional

MSO Regional Membership may be awarded to companies situated outside Europe provided that company has parentship for one or more Class 2 Associate Membership company/ies.

The Annual Subscription with effect from 01 January 2014 shall be based on:

Honorary Membership may be awarded to any person who has been of particularly meritorious service to EHOC. He/she must be proposed by the Council and admission shall be by election by the voting members of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting. Honorary Members may attend the AGM but have no Voting rights (see Article 7).

Admission of new members shall be by election by voting members of the Committee who shall have sole discretion. No reasons need be given to companies whose application for membership is rejected. Any member wishing to resign from the Committee shall give one month's notice, in writing, to the Chairman. A member may be required to resign from the Committee if three-quarters of the voting members so desire.


A Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected from amongst the voting members, and shall hold office for a period of one year in each office.

Should the Chairman, for any reason, not be able to continue in that office in accordance with the Articles of Association, the Vice Chairman would normally succeed as the Chairman. If, in the short term for whatever reason, the Vice Chairman is not able to take the Chair, as an interim measure the Council may appoint a sitting member of the Council to temporarily take the Chair until such time as the Vice Chairman is able to take the Chair or until such time as is necessary to make arrangements for the membership to elect an alternate Chairman. In either case, election of the Vice Chairman or an alternate to the Chair shall take place not later than the next Annual General Meeting.

The Vice Chairman shall normally succeed to the Chairmanship, but in the event that the Vice Chairman is unable to accept the appointment of Chairman, the Chairman's term of office may be extended for up to one further year to facilitate the succession of a new Vice Chairman.

The Chairman shall coordinate the work of the Committee between meetings, and shall communicate with the members on all matters affecting the Committee.

The Chairman shall be empowered to create from time to time such working groups as may be appropriate, and shall nominate the Chairmen of such groups.


To assist the Chairman in his task, a Council will be appointed whose members shall be the Chairman and Vice Chairman, an Operations Chairman, a Technical Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be held for one year each, whilst the tenure of the Operations Chairman and the Technical Chairman shall be for two years. The continuity of the Councils officers shall be maintained by the alternate yearly resignation of two officers,with the Operations Chairman and the Technical Chairman not resigning in the same year. Should a suitable candidate not be identified, the existing Council Member could agree to extend beyond the two year term until a successor is nominated. The tenure of the Secretary and Treasurer will normally be of a longer unspecified duration.

The Operations Chairman, the Technical Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be elected from amongst the members, and shall liaise with the Chairman and Vice Chairman to ensure that all relevant issues are promptly actioned and correspondence distributed to members where appropriate. The Secretary shall be responsible for the Minutes of the Committee and Council meetings. The post of the Treasurer may be combined with that of the Secretary.

The Secretary may be appointed as a paid part-time person, whose nomination must be agreed by all Council Members and endorsed by three quarters of the voting members of the Committee. The part-time Secretary will be paid a monthly Honorarium as agreed by the Council from EHOC Funds. The Secretary ideally should be an experienced retired senior management officer from one of the Committee Member companies.

The Council will meet as required by the Chairman and its agenda shall include the timely endorsement of arrangements for the Committee's Annual General Meeting.


If unable to attend an EHOC meeting in person, the Chief Executive shall nominate to the Chairman, in writing, another Senior Executive as his representative. At meetings of EHOC, each member company shall be limited to a maximum of three representatives, including the Chief Executive or his nominee.

Members shall endeavour to ensure representation at all meetings of the Committee. Should a member fail to send a representative to two consecutive meetings of the Committee, that member may be requested to leave the Committee.

Should the Committee or an individual member or group of members wish to exclude another member from the meeting or part of a meeting for reasons of confidentiality, the matter shall be referred to the Chairman for a ruling and the member shall withdraw if so requested. If the Chairman declares an interest in the matter under consideration, the ruling shall be made by the Vice Chairman.


Members shall have the following votes:

Class 1 - Full Membership; 3 votes per membership

Class 2 - Associate Membership; No voting rights

Class 3C - MSO; 3 votes per membership

Class 3R - MSO; No voting rights

In respect of any proposal in relation to admitting or expelling members, electing officials, amending the Articles of Association or dissolving the EHOC at least 75% of the votes cast by voting members of the Committee must be in favour of the proposal. All other decisions shall require a simple majority of the votes cast. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote additional to that which he may hold as the official representative of a member company.

Members unable to attend when a vote is taken may give written delegation to the Chairman or to another member to vote on their behalf.

Should the Council require an urgent decision on any subject relevant to the Committee by the Members before the AGM, the Councils proposal would be sent to all voting members, Class 1 and Class 3C, by email asking for their responses. A positive or negative reply is to be sent to the Secretary within 14 days of receipt of the email. No proxy vote will be acceptable, and a nil response from any member will be taken as a positive response. The result of this vote will be sent to all members.


Annual subscriptions will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Members shall undertake a reasonable share of the work of the Committee, as required by the Chairman, and shall provide facilities for meetings of the Committee, the Council or their working groups, as appropriate.

Members acting on behalf of EHOC, either independently or as officials of the Committee, the Council or the working groups, shall be expected to meet all routine expenses incurred in the conduct of the business. In the event that such expenses become excessive or occasion difficulties for an individual member, the Council is empowered to approve payment from EHOC funds.

Payment of general expenses incurred by EHOC and not attributable to individual members or the Secretary may be authorised by the Treasurer to a limit determined by the Council. Above this limit authorisation of payment shall require the signatures of both the Chairman and the Treasurer.

If a decision is taken to dissolve the Committee then the remaining funds, after settlement of all outstanding expenses, shall be divided proportionally by subscription between all members and disbursed accordingly.


EHOC has operated successfully for over 40 years through its annual activities and conference and is proud of its accomplishments. To ensure our continued success and to provide more clarity for our members, both new and old, this Code of Ethics sets out the standards of behaviours expected of all members. It applies to each members participation in all EHOC activities inclusive of Council meetings and the Annual Conference.


EHOC is committed to providing safe and healthy conditions for its business and social activities and we expect all members to behave in a safe manner and to encourage safe behaviour amongst our guests and business partners.

Business Practices

At its Annual Conference, EHOC enjoys offering the opportunity for members and business partners to engage in appropriate business discussions. Nevertheless, members remain competitors in every respect and consequentially matters of a sensitive nature, including, but not limited to, marketing and business strategy and pricing and future investment decisions, should not be discussed. Furthermore, members should avoid situations where a conflict of interest either exists, or could be perceived to exist.


All formal and informal communication should be professional and respectful and refrain from discussions that might damage the reputation of EHOC, its members, or our business partners. Communication concerning EHOC activities with outside stakeholders, including regulators, the media or other industry bodies is not permitted except as approved and initiated by the EHOC Council.


It is the responsibility of each member to observe the most current EHOC Code of Ethics as published on the EHOC website (www.eurohoc.org).

E.H.O.C. COUNCIL MAY 2013 - MAY 2014

Chairman - A E (Tony) Jones, British International Helicopter Services Limited, (Offshore and Military Support Division),
Hangar N1, Newquay Cornwall
Airport, St Mawgan, Cornwall,
TR8 4RQ,
Tel: +44 7780 686385 (Mobile)

Vice Chairman - Arne Roland, CHC Helicopter Service
PO Box 552,
4055 Stavanger Lufthavn,
Tel: +47 5194 1856
Tel: +47 911 94667 (Mobile)

Technical Chairman - Russell Gould - Bristow Helicopters Limited
Aberdeen Airport,
Aberdeen, AB21 0NT,
Tel: +44 1224 756211
Tel: +44 7918 490619 (Mobile)

Operations Chairman - De Jansen, CHC Helicopter
p/a CHC Helicopter Netherlands,
Luchthavenweg 18,
1786 PP Den Helder,
The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 (0)651 865 303 (Mobile)

Secretary and Treasurer - John Black
White Briars,
Chillies Lane,
High Hurstwood,
East Sussex,
TN22 4AA,
Tel: +44 (0)1825 732 768
Tel: +44 (0)7802 740 520 (Mobile)

Any questions relating to E.H.O.C. should be addressed to the Secretary / Treasurer at the relevant address above.


First published by Shell Aircraft: 1991

1st Amendment: May 1993
2nd Amendment: May 1994
3rd Amendment: May 1995
4th Amendment: November 1995
5th Amendment: May 1998
6th Amendment: May 1999
7th Amendment April 2002
8th Amendment May 2003
9th Amendment May 2004
10th Amendment May 2006
11th Amendment December 2007
12th Amendment May 2008
13th Amendment June 2008
14th Amendment May 2009
15th Amendment June 2010
16th Amendment November 2010
17th Amendment May 2011
18th Amendment December 2011
19th Amendment June 2012
20th Amendment June 2013
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